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We have long experience working on railroads


Land surveying and geodesy is core business at Terratec. We have state-of-the-art equipment and employees with extensive experience.

Documents for building applications

Property and building processess

Are you planning on building? Terratec can assist you in many phases of the construction project. Municipal applications, legal advice, project placement and control of the new building are fields we know well.

Aerial photography

Airborne data capture

Terratec offers high-resolution photography for both oblique photography and traditional vertical digital camera shooting.

Mobile mapping

Mobile laser scanning is a well-established production method in Terratec's toolbox, and this is an effective way of gathering a comprehensive data base.

 Mapping and point cloud - Ålesund, Norway

Mapping services

Terratec offers a number of products based on the data we collect. The map is an image, a presentation, or representation of the real geographical world.

3D models

Terratec can deliver object based and "mesh" 3D city models in LOD1, LOD 2, LOD3 or LOD4 (BIM). Terrain models (DTM/DEM) and surface models (DOM/DSM). We also offer a wide range of 3D file formats. We have integrated with leading software systems for displaying 3D data.

Analysis and advice

Digital sensor data collected from different platforms are valuable data for further analysis. Terratec has extensive experience in performing such analyzes.

 Laser tracker measurement.

Industrial surveying

Terratec handles industrial measurement for the oil and gas industry, mechanical industry, process industry, power plants, etc. Projects can be both large and small with varying durations.

What do you think is beneath the ground?

Geophysical surveys

See the invisible! Are you interested in knowing what's beneath the ground? - Terratec offers georadar measurements for surface detection and mapping.


TerraPos is proprietary software for calculating accurate positions and orientation for moving sensors.