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About Terratec AS

Since the beginning of 2004, Terratec has grown and developed into one of the largest map companies in the Nordic region. Terratec delivers all types of geodata, is an expert on georeferencing advanced sensors and focuses on quality in close cooperation with its customers.

Terratec conducts assignments on all continents and collaborates with public and private actors, as well as research and educational institutions.
We carry out the entire production from data capture with our aircrafts, cars and surveyors, to the completion of CAD and BIM models. Thus, we can supply customized data that fits right into the customer's further production plan. A decision based on solid documentation is profitable and this is what a collaboration with Terratec should be. We will guide you through all phases of your project, from start to finish in order for you to achieve your goals.

Our goal is to be:

  • A profitable and value creating partner for our customers
  • Knowledgeable, driven by solutions and possibilities
  • Your main supplier of high-tech geodata; from planning, development and completion to further development


Our vision

Terratec's vision is to map the world as she is without any borders and make data available to everyone.

In the future, our goal is to continue this processing. We are now able to collect all types of data, for the benefit of all types of industries, but also for individuals. We want to continue to learn from our customers and deliver exactly what they want. That means we have to be at the forefront of technological development, while also listening to our customers and sharing our expertise and our eagerness to solve new challenges. This shall characterize Terratec today and in the future.

We believe, that in the future, stricter requirements will be set for documentation in all parts of our field. Especially before, during and on completion of projects. This includes BIM and As-Built Documentation. For us, this means that we want to go from being a data acquisition company to being a company that provides ready-made plug-and-play models (CAD), which customers can use directly in their work, to create value and new opportunities for our customers.