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The core values ​​of Terratec are summarized in these words: Credible - Competent - Caring

Terratec aims to build trust through high ethical standards, excellent deliveries, openness and intelligence. Terratec is a long-term industrial player that relies on good relations with customers, suppliers, authorities, employees and owners.

Terratec shall have a high competence at all levels. The expertise includes a good understanding of the customer and the market's needs, finances, agreements and the opportunities that lie in utilizing new technology. This also means that Terratec must place great demands on the quality of the company's technological equipment and solutions, as well as on the deliveries from the company's employees. Terratec shall ensure that all operations are carried out safely.

Terratec shall aknowledge and care for people, act supportive and encourage development. The company shall have an informal tone, and there shall be a short distances between different levels of the organization. Terratec aims to be an attractive workplace and stimulate professional and personal development.