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Handling the corona situation in Terratec AS

Handling the corona situation in Terratec AS

A situation has now arisen that has put the whole world to the test. Norway as a nation has declared a state of emergency. There is now a need to show solidarity and act in an international way to ensure that the harmful effects of this virus are minimized..

Terratec will, to the best of its ability, always participate by adhering to the orders and advice given by the authorities of the countries in which we operate. The measures we are now contouring are likely to have major consequences for the economy across Europe. Already, this is being compared to the recession of the 1920’s. There is no reason why we should contribute in making this situation worse, but we must be prepared for changes and the consequences this will have for the market and our employment.

Our customers
Our goal is to maintain normal operations for as long as possible. In addition to international requirements and advice, we have introduced additional necessary measures to ensure that we will be able to maintain as normal an operation as possible to serve our customers. All employees are committed to being available and finding solutions together with our partners and our customers.

Surveying services will proceed as normal with orders to follow the authority's advice on keeping a distance, hand hygiene etc. Data collection by air, car and helicopter will go almost as normal. We have all operational personnel with the necessary photo licenses in place, and none of them will be subject to any quarantine as far as Norwegian operations are concerned. We will have our own set up in Sweden, which will serve the rest of the Nordic market for the time being. We will follow the operational situation daily.

Home office
All functions that can be performed from a home office are now performed from a home office. Management and critical functions in the administration are now separated to ensure continuity of operations in the event of illness.

Traveling and meetings
Terratec will always follow the authorities' instructions regarding travel. All meetings that can be conducted digitally will be handled through various platforms. Attendance at all external conferences, meetings and seminars are canceled.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or the undersigned at tel: +47 454 85 205 or

Øivind Aase
Terratec Group

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