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3D city models

A 3D city model will be a tailor-made product for planning, development and communication for and with the residents.

Terratec delivers 3D city models in all sizes and detail levels, with or without aerial photo texture. With data from high-resolution laser and slanted platforms, we can produce visual photogrammetric mesh models, semi-automatic polygon models, or optimized detailed mapped vector models.

We have a long experience in guiding customers in which product will be most suitable in regards to economy, software, hardware and a publishing solution. Terratec collaborates with several of the largest companies in the software industry to ensure that end users have a seamless experience in modern 3D applications across all devices. We provide models that can be integrated with existing database systems and GIS solutions for analysis purposes and enhanced functionality. The models can be delivered on any suitable file format according to several different standards, such as CityGML.

Terratec has a growing portfolio of satisfied customers who are currently working on our 3D city models. The product is used for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Sun and shadow conditions, visibility, noise, wind and signal analysis
  • Power analysis with calculation of solar cell location, heating costs etc.
  • 3D mapping services (web, desktop and mobile)
  • Training and television / film / game production 3D printing and representation of the model in real space
  • Extended and Virtual Reality (AR / VR)
  • Planning, visualization and communication around building plans
  • Underground modeling, tunnels, cables, pipes and ground conditions
  • Platform for asset management and value management
  • Emergency and crisis preparedness; simulation, planning and visualization

Please contact us for more information on 3D City models.