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Project planning documents

From detailed surveying we generate digital data to be used by architects, engineers, and other planners.

Our terrain models are produced from data collected by any of our data collection methods, including traditional land surveying using GNSS and total station, and terrestrial, mobile, and aerial laser scanning. With the right combination of data collection, we can map the existing situation at a level that is tailored to the client’s needs.

In addition to detailed terrain models, we deliver vector mapping as per client request. Depending on the data collection method, we can deliver detailed terrain models that can document details as small as a centimetre. Objects such as poles, overhead power lines, technical cabinets, signs and other significant objects are example of object commonly mapped as data for planning.

Data for planning from Terratec is made to be easy to use. We put great effort into tailoring products to suit client demands and software of their choice. Terratec also offers help in managing and using point clouds if necessary.