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Terratec has extensive experience with bathymetric laser scanning (green laser) in sea and fresh water including rivers. With the help of modern technology, Terratec gathers laser data both on land and in water, using airborne laser scanning. This is a method that is well suited for surveying shallow waters and surrounding land areas with high accuracy and precision.

The collected data are necessary basic data for mapping hazard to landslides and flooding, project planning of security measures and for other community needs in river basins. When collecting depth data in shallow coastal sea areas along the beach zone, the data will contribute to a comprehensive terrain model that binds traditional topographic data together with sonar data collected from boat-based systems.

Terratec also performs data collection with multibeam echo sounder, allowing us to supplement with data in areas where the airborne sensor for natural reasons will not return.

The data collected is compiled and usually delivered to a customer as a terrain model or elevation contours, possibly also with orthophoto as an additional product.