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Oblique aerial photography

Terratec has good expertise in developing new solutions that meet different customer needs. We have, among other things, developed various tilting camera solutions that we operate today.

One of the systems captures image sets with five images at once; one picture straight down and 4 obliquely forward, backward and to both sides. The image sets are taken at less than one second intervals and have very good overlap.

Another system specially built to operate from a helicopter can capture three images, one straight down and one forward and one backword, while performing laser scanning. This system is particularly suitable for detailed mapping and documentation of eg. infrastructure like railways, roads and powerlines.

Typical resolution or GSD (Ground Sampling Distance) for the systems varies from below 1 cm and up to approx. 15 cm depending on flying altitude. After collection, Terratec will optimize the images according to the customer's needs and perform a variety of digital post-processing methods where it is compensated for different lighting conditions and exposure settings.

This means that our images have good detail visibility and homogeneity both in light and shadow areas and the customer gets a high-quality product, depending on their requirements.

Popular products include:

* Photorealistic 3D city models
* Detailed mapping of infrastructure such as railroads
* Viewers
* Facade Photos
* Terrain models based on image matching