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Vertical arial photography

Terratec offers vertical aerial photography from multiple high-resolution digital cameras. The cameras take panchromatic images (black and white), RGB color images and infrared images (CIR), and based on this, we deliver various image products. Typical resolution or GSD (Ground Sampling Distance) varies from 5 cm up to approx. 30 cm depending on flight height.

The images have been used in large parts of the public administration, where Terratec has for many years been the supplier of vertical aerial photos to the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

The video below describes how the data capture takes place and what affects the data capture.


The camera is mounted in a gyro-stabilized frame that ensuring the lens always pointing straight down. During collection, GNSS / IMU is used for direct and accurate georeferencing of the images. In addition, Terratec has developed the TerraPos software which is used for post-processing GNSS / IMU data which is an important piece to ensure efficient production and high quality of results.

Read more about TerraPos here.

After the photo shoot an image processing will be performed where the product is optimized according to the customer's requirements. This means that our images have a good detailed visibility and homogeneity both in light and shadow areas.

Typical areas of use are:

* Orthophoto from both RBG and CIR images
* Mapping using photogrammetry
* Forest Inventory
* Vegetation Mapping
* Flood Zone Laying
* Terrain models based on image matching