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Asphalt and road surface analysis

Laser scanning has proven and efficient way of documenting road surface conditions by mapping metrics such as ruts, cross slopes, and smoothness. In this way any, deviations from defined requirements of the road surface can be identified and measured.

A road surface analysis is a very useful tool to ensure good management and maintenance of a road network. Road surface analysis can be used by both a client and contractor to document and control a newly constructed road. Surface analysis is also suited to measure unevennesses on other types of surfaces, such as airport runways.

Terratec uses modern technology for efficient and complete data collection using mobile mapping vehicles which can be operated in regular traffic conditions. The system that is used is an upgraded version of survey vehicles used by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for their routine road surface condition measurements. By participating in yearly controls and calibrations, Terratec is an approved provider of road surface surveys to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and NVDB (National Road Database).

Terratec has developed a solution for visual presentation of the analyses through a web-based portal. In addition, road surface analysis can be combined with ground-penetrating radar measurements to also document the underground. Read more about underground mapping and ground-penetrating radar.