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Vegetation analysis

We can offer vegetation analysis along power lines, roads and rails as well as area mapping of species of wood and other plant species for e.g. forestry and environmental mapping. Dead and sick trees at high risk of damaging buildings or causing power outages can be identified.

A full analysis of the extent of vegetation and geometry in 3D is done by laser scanning from an aircraft, helicopter or a car, which can be complemented by RGBI images, multi-channel hyperspectral imaging or multi-spectral laser.

Along the pipeline, roads and rails, our data can provide important detailed knowledge for clearing and harvesting in order to maintain safe routes with the correct visibility and least possible risk of vegetation. For forest mapping, our data provides the basis for detailed forest tariff with correct tree species, while rot and disease can be detected at an early stage to prevent the spread and loss of large values. Protected plant species can be detected and the spread of unwanted species such as sitkagran and cryptic can be mapped.