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An orthophoto is an aerial image that is given the same geometric properties as a map, i.e. it has equal scale everywhere and is correctly located on the earth's surface. Thus, correct measurements, visualisations and analyzes can be made directly in the detailed image.

The quality of the orthophoto depends on the resolution and the visual quality of the aerial images, the quality of the image orientation as well as the quality of the work being carried out during the orthophoto production itself. As a total supplier Terratec has a great advantage in terms of control over all contributing processes (aerial photography, navigation processing, image orientation, production of elevation models, map compilation and orthophoto production) and possesses a high level of expertise and has long experience within all involved disciplines.

A number of quality controls are performed during the production in order to make sure that the quality will be good and in connection with the completion and approval stage the entire orthophoto mosaic is checked systematically. Control measurements against reference data are made and a report that documents the production and achieved quality is prepared.

The orthophoto is a very useful product. It is a self-evident layer in GIS databases and is often used for mapping and planning of area and resource use, as a basis for design work and area analyzes, and photorealistic presentations of different kinds for decision makers and the public. With relatively simple software, the user can make measurements and analyzes with the orthophoto as a background.