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Adjusting boundaries

By adjusting boundaries, one can transfer smaller areas between two adjacent properties. The area can be increased or reduced by up to 5 per cent, but only a maximum of 500 square meters. In a sense, it is a simplified area transfer where the mortgage right follows the new boundaries.

The boundary adjustment provision has both an area boundary and a value boundary:
"Limit adjustments should not reduce or increase the value of any of the units involved by more than the basic national insurance amount." At the same time that the area as the area being transferred cannot be greater than 5% of the smallest of the properties involved.

Border adjustment is not an obligatory measure under the Planning and Building Act - but the adjustment must nevertheless be "requested" from the municipality. The municipality would like to make assessments against regulations and other things that in practice means that you have to make an application to get the case through.

Terratec will help you with the process.