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Appeal against a resolution

Any construction cases?

Have you experienced unlawful refusal of your building application? Have unfair terms been set for your project? We quickly discover if the municipality has made mistakes during the case processing.

Terratec Eiendom has very good experience in getting municipalities to correct themselves in cases where unreasonably burdensome conditions have been set for permits, or where unsustainable grounds have been refused. This way, developers can save valuable time and significant costs.
Where there is a need for changes in the application, we give specific advice and recommendations on what adjustments are needed.

Is your building application fee to high?

We will always investigate whether the municipality's fee calculation is correct. Sometimes the municipality charges too much. If the 12-week deadline for an exemption application is not met, the municipality shall repay 25% of the total fee for each week the deadline is exceeded. We will reveal whether the municipality has charged you too much, and then ensure that the excess is reimbursed.