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Laser scanning

Documentation of existing buildings prior to rehabilitation

Laser scanning is an effective method for documenting and digitizing a building, road or terrain with a high degree of accuracy. Terratec offers laser scanning from many different platforms and we are experts in finding the right solution for your needs, preferably by combining different methods.

  • Terrestrial scanning; High degree of accuracy is often used for building scans
  • Handheld scanning; fast and efficient but lower accuracy
  • Laser scanning by car; fast and efficient method wherever our car can drive
  • Laser scanning by plane; covers large areas with lower accuracy and spot density
  • Laser scanning by helicopter; effective for routes such as power lines and roads

After scanning is completed in the field, the data will be processed to generate the product or analysis ordered by the customer. We have highly qualified people and efficient production methods to ensure a fast and accurate delivery to the customer.