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Production measurement and surveying

Surveying in connection with the development of Bjørvika, Oslo.

Terratec's dedicated surveying department provides measurements and surveying throughout the country.
Terratec conducts surveying on projects in the building and construction industry throughout the country. Our survey engineers have broad experience from various types of projects and will be a safe and good solution. We also know how important good communication between the survey engineer and the customer is in order to obtain an effective implementation of the project.

We use surveying equipment from reputable brands such as Trimble and Leica Geosystems. All instruments undergo annual service and are regularly checked internally according to our own standards. Along with special equipment such as terrestrial scanners, handheld scanners and 360-degree cameras, we offer a complete package of both traditional instruments and more technological instruments to deliver exactly what you need.

All surveying engineers work directly with 3D drawings (DWG / IFC / VIPS) so that short lead times from measurement to use of the data and risk of errors is minimized.

We have access to several software for processing data and are used to working and delivering data directly from the various web hotels that are used - Interaxo, Byggnet, E-room etc.

Typical tasks we carry out as responsible for surveying will be:

• Measurement for design
• Posting for production - both on the road, railroad and building
• Control measurement of as-built
• Measurement for FDV, NVDB and FKB
• Quantity and volume calculation
• Follow-up of contract
• Control and supplementation of 3D models