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Project support and control services

Are you unsure whether the base data is correct or not? Has the contractor laid pipes and wires according to the contract description? Is the road building in accordance to current requirements?

If you need specialized expertise in the field of geomatics, we can help you. Our unique expertise in geomatics and the understanding of contracts and standards means we can act as a link between project designers and executives of the projects.

Terratec will be an important player throughout the whole project and deliver various services in the different phases of the project:

The planning phase

  • Collection of design data for terrain and infrastructure
  • Creation of the foundation network
  • Control and assemble existing base data/3D models
  • Transformation of map data to the project's coordinate system
  • Guide to requirements for executives

Executing phase

  • Maintenance and supplementation of the foundation network
  • Control of 3D models, volume calculation and quantities according to contract
  • Geometric control and as-built documentation
  • Progress mapping and monitoring from the air with both images and point cloud


  • As-built documentation
  • NVDB and FKB delivery
  • Scanning and BIM modeling of finished project