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Railroad measurements

Measuring railroads is one of our focus areas. We have worked on railroads throughout the whole country and have an in-depth knowledge of technical regulations, as well as requirements for surveying and coding in accordance with instructions from Bane NOR and other track managers.

Measurements for railroads are carried out both for design, development, control and maintenance. Typical tasks are:

* Creating fixed marks by current standards (GVUL)
* Measuring tracks and other railway engineering objects for engineering
* Surveying and scanning of surrounding terrain for the preparation of terrain models
* Measurement of track for adjustment and renewal
* Production of back and lift chart or ALC file for packing machine
* Control measurement of existing tracks

For larger areas, track measurement is carried out for both design and control with laser scanning by car. It is a unique method for collecting data for longer distances in a short time. In addition, if you want to know what is under the rail track, this can be scanned at the same time which will give you valuable information.