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Terrain model and measurement of the situation

Measuring the bridge at Hitra with binoculars in connection with a terrain model.

We carry out measurements of the existing situation and terrain for design, documentation and control.

Through a close dialogue with the client, we agree upon the best solution for measurements and delivery. Terratec has a long and excellent experience with the execution of this type of assignment and can be an important supporter in the process of mapping the need for measurement and the delivery form. We use both traditional land surveying instruments and more specialized instruments such as terrestrial data collection scanners. Often a combination of different instruments is used. The data is post-processed for inspection before the delivery and they are coded according to the requirement specifications of the specific assignment.

Terratec's strength is that we combine data collected with different sensors into a complete model.

In conjunction with projecting, it is important that there is a correspondence between the foundation measurement and the later production stitching. This is something we are very aware of. We always strive, whenever relevant, to measure and establish additional points at the same time as the first situation or terrain measurement. This will result in later measurements being in accordance with the starting point.