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Water and sewage surveying

WS-Surveying is carried out both with traditional surveying, scanning or photogrammetry. Typically manholes with traditional land surveying instruments are measured from the ground with dimensions to the existing infrastructure in the manhole. The infrastructure is documented with pictures and a «manhole card» is made which documents the manhole-type, pipes and dimensions. We also have experience in photogrammetric measurement or 3D scanning where a more detailed data basis is established.

The measurements can be further processed so the infrastructure between rooms will be modeled as a continuous WS model within a defined area.

Terratec focuses heavily on HSE when conducting manhole measurements. The surveyors have gas meters in the field and never perform mapping down in the manhole unless a thorough risk assessment has been prepared and the right measures have been implemented. For special measurements of water and sewage systems Terratec cooperates with permanent partners who help to safeguard safety.