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TerraPos is our in-house developed post processing software for positioning of kinematic platforms. The software integrates satellite positioning and inertial sensors for a full 6 degrees of freedom solution.

TerraPos has been commercially available since 2006 and has been successfully used on all continents. Our customers have relied on positions and orientation from TerraPos for their marine vessels, aircraft and land vehicles for a broad range of applications, e.g., bathymetric surveys, aerial photogrammetry and laser scanning, mobile mapping, ground penetrating radar, marine and aerial gravity surveys, etc.

TerraPos has been particularly designed to cope with challenging conditions, by maximizing the use of all available data. This effort includes support for all global and regional satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, NAVIC) and all regional satellite based augmentation systems (e.g., WAAS, EGNOS). Additional support sensors (e.g., odometers or magnetometers) are also supported.

TerraPos is vendor neutral and may use a wide range of industry standard formats for input and output. A powerful and flexible export module ensures the positions and orientation data can be made available for any further need.

All software modules can be run interactively or in automated and batch-oriented production lines. Both Windows and Linux operating systems are fully supported.

Read more about TerraPos, here.